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AFF Suzuki Cup Draw LIVE
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012  14:00 (ICT)/15:00 (SGT)
Chaturathit Ballrom, Golden Tulip Sovereign Hotel
Bangkok, Thailand

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02:43 SGT


Group Stages
24 Nov Vietnam     vs     Qualifiers - Winners    
24 Nov Thailand     vs     Philippines    
25 Nov Indonesia     vs     Qualifiers - Runners-up    
25 Nov Malaysia     vs     Singapore    
27 Nov Vietnam     vs     Philippines    
27 Nov Qualifiers - Winners     vs     Thailand    
28 Nov Indonesia     vs     Singapore    
28 Nov Qualifiers - Runners-up     vs     Malaysia    
30 Nov Philippines     vs     Qualifiers - Winners    
30 Nov Thailand     vs     Vietnam    
1 Dec Singapore     vs     Qualifiers - Runners-up    
1 Dec Malaysia     vs     Indonesia

02:34 SGT


Qualifying Round
5 Oct         Cambodia    vs    Timor Leste     
5 Oct         Myanmar    vs    Brunei     
7 Oct         Timor Leste     vs    Myanmar     
7 Oct         Laos     vs    Cambodia     
9 Oct         Cambodia     vs    Brunei     
9 Oct         Timor Leste     vs    Laos     
11 Oct        Brunei     vs    Laos     
11 Oct        Myanmar     vs    Cambodia     
13 Oct        Laos     vs    Myanmar     
13 Oct        Brunei     vs    Timor Leste

16:04 SGT


Singapore vs Malaysia on Nov 25, the opening day of the competition for Group B! Mark your calendars folks!

16:02 SGT


Thailand are going into Group A! So Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia are in the same group!

16:01 SGT


Now the final two teams, Thailand and Malaysia, this will determine where the teams will be based

16:00 SGT


Vietnam get Group A! So Singapore will be in the same group as Indonesia! Singapore vs Indonesia on Nov 28, Wednesday!

15:59 SGT


Just a note here, Singapore will now open their campaign against one of the host nations

15:58 SGT


Philippines get Position 3 in Group A so they will start the competition on opening day against either Malaysia or Thailand

15:57 SGT


Singapore is the first team drawn! And they get Position 3 in Group B! which mean they start their campaign on Sunday Nov 5

15:55 SGT


The names of the six top ranking nations, as well as the Group and Positions, are now being placed in the balls for the draw that's about to take place

15:54 SGT


Pointless ,but the ball is still being drawn anyway,  Qualifiers Runners-Up get Position 4 in Group B

15:53 SGT


The first team to be drawn is......... Qualifier Winner 1!

And they will go into Group A, position 4

15:51 SGT


The main draw is now taking place!

15:49 SGT


15:48 SGT


A video presentation for the upcoming competition plays. I would like to take the time to tell our viewers that Goal.com has an exciting editorial plan lined up for the AFF Cup and we will be right in the thick of the action, bringing you the latest updates.

15:45 SGT


Myanmar vs Brunei is Match 2 on October 5. The qualifiers will come to an end on October 13 with all matches taking place at Youth Training Centre, Yangon, Myanmar

15:44 SGT


If you're wondering what the positions mean, they are used to determine the fixtures for the qualifiers and as it stands Cambodia will open the qualifiers against Timor Leste on October 5

15:43 SGT


Cambodia is next to be drawn and they get position 1

15:42 SGT


Laos is the first name drawn and they will be placed in Position 5 in the qualifying group

15:39 SGT


The qualifiers is a single round-robin format with the top two ranked teams gaining entry to the tournament proper