I prefer foreign leagues, says Akunnafia

The 17-year old defence stalwart has told Goal reasons why he may not sign a professional contract with any football club in Nigeria

Obinna Akunnafia has revealed why he is likely not to sign a contract with any his suitors in the Nigerian Premier League.

The Team 360 FC defender who is one of the most sought-after players by top Nigeria Professional Football League outfits stated that his [God-given] talent can only be well managed abroad than in Nigeria.

Speaking to Goal on arrival from Liberty Professionals FC of Ghana where he underwent trials, the well-built light skinned rookie claimed the league back home does not have what it takes to groom upcoming stars to stardom.

“I don’t see myself playing for any Nigerian clubside because there is nothing exciting about it. That accounts for why most young footballers travel out of the country to pursue their football career not minding if they play in lesser known leagues,” he said.

“Sincerely speaking, in terms of officiating there is no fairness. How does one account for the home side paying the referee at the expense of the away team, how will a player then develop his potentials?”

“Players’ welfare is not encouraging too as footballers are owed for months before getting paid their meager salaries. All these things are not encouraging and chase promising talents off to foreign countries,” concluded Obinna who dreams of playing in the Italian Serie A.