Ambush marketing laws set for 2013 Africa Cup of Nations

SA government considers imposing same strict regime as they did for the 2010 World Cup with regard to marketing laws
The draconian marketing regime that was legislated for the World Cup in South Africa will be implemented for the upcoming 2013 Africa Cup of Nations finals as well, with companies seeking to employ ambush advertising tactics facing possible criminal prosecution.

South African Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies has indicated his intention to designate the tournament, which kicks off at Soccer City on January 19, a "protected event".

This will ensure stringent advertising laws are enforced similar to those used during the World Cup.
Davies' proposal is open for public comment until the middle of the month.

"Unless [companies] wish to land themselves in hot water, [they] would do well to avoid either direct or indirect references to the event in advertisements and rather focus on the legitimate benefits which will arise," said attorney Kelly Thompson

"Sometimes traders seek to benefit from the publicity surrounding an event by giving away tickets to the event or running promotional competitions. This, too, may constitute ambush marketing," she added.

There are several official sponsors of the 2013 Afcon, who have direct deals with Sport Five, the French company who have the television and marketing rights.