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Violence enveloped the Nigeria Premier League game in Kano as officials of the visiting team claimed they were assaulted after the match

The trend of violence that has characterized the Nigeria Premier League continued on Wednesday in Kano when officials of Heartland alleged that fans of Kano Pillars harassed and assaulted them after the rescheduled game which ended 1-1 at the Sani Abacha Stadium.

Moments after the game, an official of Heartland, Tonnex Chukwu put a call through to to complain about the treatment by Pillars fans after the match.

"My brother I don't know when this type of violence will stop in our league. We scored first through Obinna Orji in the first half and Pillars equalized in the second half through Gambo Mohammed.

"They did all they could to get the winning goal, but our players stood their ground.

"The referee Opeyemi Amao also did well because they adopted all efforts to make sure he caved in, but he was up to the task.

"Immediately after the game, the fans entered and started chasing our players and the match officials.

Most of our players were injured in the process and the windscreen of our bus was shattered.

"We had no option than to get mobile policemen to escort us out of Kano to Kaduna where we passed the night.

"The question I am asking is will the same supporters follow Kano Pillars to Owerri in the second round?

"Clubs should learn to play by the rules because our league will never move forward with this type of attitude," Chukwu fumed.

Media officer of Kano Pillars, Idris Malikawa told in reaction to the allegations that the game ended peacefully without any problem.

"I am surprised officials of Heartland are saying they were attacked after the game.

"It is not true that they were assaulted. When the game ended, they entered their bus and drove off.

"Nobody said any word to them and although fans gathered round their bus, there was no fracas as they were just looking at the players and not one stone was thrown at them.

"So I am wondering how, when and where they were attacked. Clubs should be able to say the truth at all times and not just whip up sentiments.

Kano Pillars fans are law abiding and have a name to protect," Malikawa said