Odemwingie: Signing for Cardiff has been like a fresh start

The Nigerian international is enjoying his football again after moving away from West Brom at the start of the season
After months of torture and pain, Peter Odemwingie escaped the ‘hell’ that was the end of his West Brom career by transferring to Cardiff City at the beginning of the 2013/14 season.

“I feel very happy right now. I have been through quite a lot this year and so far my time at Cardiff has felt like a new start,” Odemwingie told Daily Mail.

The Nigerian striker also spoke on the derby win over Swansea. “The derby was incredible. The atmosphere and noise was amazing – they are the games you love playing.

“You could feel how important the game was during the build up at the training ground. Everyone was up for that game.

“I played in big derbies before. For West Brom, playing against Aston Villa and Birmingham was always big, but the Wolves games were always huge.

“This game was like that. Every tackle gets the crowd going crazy, every run.”

He is enjoying his football again playing in Wales though he has not been recalled to the Super Eagles.

“For me, it has been great at Cardiff. I scored my first goal at the Cardiff City Stadium against Newcastle a few weeks ago and it felt really good to hear the crowd calling my name again.

“I am still settling into the city. Since we moved to Cardiff, to a place called Penarth, we have not fully got ourselves set up. I don’t have any Internet and the television is not set up.

It’s actually been quite nice, just relaxing with my wife and our son.

“This is probably the happiest I have been as a person. In the time I was on the side at West Brom I really got to know my wife more and we are very happy.

“Coming to Cardiff has given me football again. It is going well and I hope it stays that way,” Odemwingie added.