Keshi hopes Oboabona can recover before Saturday

Loss of the defender would be a big blow to the Super Eagles who are expected to fly out to Cuiaba on Thursday for their match against Bosnia-Herzegovina

Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi is holding out hope that defender Godfrey Oboabona would be fit enough to play against Bosnia-Herzegovina on Saturday.

The scan results for the defender came out on Wednesday with the coach hopeful that the 23-year-old could still play a part in the competition.

Oboabona had to receive stitches after he was stamped on the top of his foot by an Iranian attacker in Monday’s match in Curitiba.

“I have received the medical reports on Godfrey and we are still very hopeful that before the d-day he may still make it. Let’s just be hopeful because he is an important player in the team,” Keshi said.

The player sat out Wednesday night’s training at the Estadio Guarani in Campinas.

The Super Eagles will travel to Cuiaba on Thursday morning for the game with Bosnia. Both teams need a win to keep up hopes of staying in the competition.