'My grandfather taught me what it meant to be a Barca fan' - Pique

The 25-year-old was made a member of the club just days after his birth, and has hailed his relatives for teaching him the principles of supporting the club
Gerard Pique has thanked his grandfather for teaching him the principles being a Barcelona fan when he was a child.

The 25-year-old grew up in the club's Catalan heartland, and has spent his entire playing career at Camp Nou, barring brief spells at Manchester United and Zaragoza.

He was made a member of the club by his grandfather, board member Amador Bernabeu, just a few days after his birth, and recently celebrated 25 years of being a socio.

"I'm very proud - apart from the fact I didn't take the decision to become a socio, because I was only a few days old, but it's true that my grandfather and then my parents made me aware of what it means to be a fan, how to be a Barcelonista, and I'm very proud of that," he told Uefa.com.

"It was my grandfather's idea. He was on the board of directors of Barcelona, and from the beginning he wanted to make me a Barcelonista.

"I have to thank him because now I'm celebrating my 25th anniversary because of him."

Pique is now expected to become a father in mid-January, and the player went on to admit that his current situation has brought new maturity with it.

"I believe love changes you. It's a very important part of your life. And when you have it, you see things in a different way than you might have done before.

"When you're single, you concentrate very much on football and your friends. Now it's about your partner, and there's a baby coming too; so things change and you have to adapt.

"But I think everything that's happening to me now is beautiful."