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The Barcelona coach's father has stated that it was clear to see his work was taking its toll on the successful coach after four stressful years at the helm of the Camp Nou club

Valenti Guardiola, the father of Pep, has stated that the Barcelona coach was overworked and exhausted, and feels he made the right decision to take a break from football.

Guardiola recently announced that he will leave Barcelona at the end of the season, and his father has insisted that Pep needs the rest.

"Pep was absolutely exhausted and overworked. He was thinking about football 24 hours per day, and always thought about the fans and the people who care about the club. It was a big responsibility for him," Valenti said to Catalunya Radio.

"I don't know what he will do next, but I do know that he will enter his next job with the same commitment that he showed at Barca."

Meanwhile, Dolors Guardiola, Pep's mother, was impressed with the farewell the 41-year-old got at Barca last weekend.

"His farewell was very beautiful and touching. When Pep told me that he would leave Barca, I saw that he needed a place of tranquillity. It hurt a bit because Barca is Barca, but health comes before everything else."

Guardiola has two more games left in charge of Barcelona as they prepare for the Liga match against Betis on Saturday, before locking horns with Athletic Bilbao in the Copa del Rey final on May 25.