Pep Guardiola had already told me about his plans, says Brescia president Gino Corioni

The president of the Serie B outfit was not surprised with the Spaniard's decision and said that he expects the coach to take charge of a national team next
Brescia president Gino Corioni has revealed that he had been informed by Pep Guardiola that he would leave Barcelona at the end of the season.

Guardiola announced earlier on Friday at a press conference that he will not sign a new contract with Barcelona, ending a very successful four-year association with the club he also represented as a player.

The 41-year-old has strong ties with Brescia after playing at the Italian club, and Corioni has declared that the Spaniard told him about his plans.

"He had already told me that he was going to take a year out," he told Tuttomercatoweb. "He is a very smart person and he realised he had no more motivation after four years.

"He seemed calm and normal. I think that it is likely that he will be out for a year, and not work for any club. I believe he wants to take charge of a big national team.

"Tito Vilanova? I am not surprised because he still had a contract with Barcelona. They looked for an internal solution.

"I do not think it will be a big problem for Barca, the players are there, though they certainly played the best football under Guardioa. Poetry and sentiment are important, but so are results."