Colombian team could return titles won under drug lords

The Millonarios chief admits giving back two league crowns is a distinct possibility, due to the club having been financially supported by cartels during both winning campaigns
Millonarios president Felipe Gaitan has admitted that his club could return two of their their 13 league titles, after their table-topping exploits were discovered to have been funded by illegal drug activity.

The triumphs in question are from the years 1987 and 1988, during which period notorious drug lord Gonzalo 'The Mexican' Rodriguez Gacha was the side's largest shareholder while the drug trade boomed in the country.

"It is a possibility we are considering. It's too early to come to a decision yet." the Supremo explained to W Radio.

However, Millonarios are not the only Colombian club said to have received such financial backing. America de Cali were previously bankrolled by the Rodriguez Orejuela brothers and Atletico Nacional allowed Pablo Escobar to have some influence in their affairs.