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The Inter midfielder heavily criticised the 1974 World Cup finalist, who recently made controversial statements regarding Wilfred Bouma and other current players

Netherlands playmaker Wesley Sneijder has hit out at Dutch legend Willem Van Hanegem, who spoke candidly about several members of Bert van Marwijk's side.

The 68-year-old former Netherlands assistant claimed that defender Wilfred Bouma should no longer be selected despite his experience because "he's always injured and never ready to play," and stated that some young players should be given a chance instead.

"He should have said that when he was our assistant coach, not now," the Inter midfielder told NUSport. "Mr. Van Hanegem should talk about our national team with a little more respect. At least that's how I'd like it to be."

In his controversial column, Van Hanegem also wrote that Dirk Kuyt is not good enough to represent the country.

"He works hard, but many other also do, and he's not a real winger," he stated.

Sneijder now believes the former Dutch international should apologise, and sais he no longer takes the analyst's opinions seriously.

"I hope he takes his words back", the former Ajax and Real Madrid player stated.

Holland will start their Euro 2012 campaign on June 9 against Denmark.