Victor Ezeji: Let all issues be settled before the Premier League season starts again

The Nigeria Premier League veteran has said that the body should put enough things in place before next season kicks off to avoid rancour
Sharks striker, Victor Ezeji has advised the Nigeria Premier League to settle every issue that will make the new season a good one for the players.

Ezeji told that the players went through so much pain last season and the scenario might repeat itself if nothing is done to put things right.

"The League body must make sure the right structures are put in place before the league starts.

"Any issue that has to do with the welfare of the players should be handled in such a way that every player in the League will not go through another bad period like it happened last season.

"Without the players, there is nothing like football. So they must be well treated.A situation where players are not paid as and well due is not something that should be condone again.

"All through last season, some clubs did not pay sign on fees. Some clubs have not completed sign on fees of two seasons ago.

"Players welfare is not the priority of a lot of people. So there must be a way of generating funds and also enforcing the rules governing the game.

"If a clubs owe players and they know that the League organising body cannot deal with them, they will continue to do what they like.

"But if they know that sanctions will come, they will find a way of doing the right thing by applying the sanctions.

"It is not just in starting the League. It is in making the factors work which will afford everybody the opportunity to be happy when eventually the new season begins.

"Players cannot give their best when they know that they will not be paid on time. They will look for ways of leaving the shores of the country when nobody is bothered about how they live and ply their trade in such horrible conditions.

"All the stakeholders should come together and discuss about the way forward for the League.

"I believe it is possible to turn a new leaf," Ezeji intoned.