James Peters blasts 'I too know' Keshi

The Nigeria Football Federation assistant technical director has blasted coach Stephen Keshi for turning down counsels of his senior colleagues

Assistant technical director of the Nigeria Football Federation James Peters has attacked Super Eagle head coach Stephen Keshi for disregarding the country’s senior coaches and acting as if he knew all.

The former Super Eagle assistant coach who is currently in Brazil for the 2014 Fifa World Cup said efforts to provide more technical input for the Eagles technical crew have been frustrated by the former Mali gaffer.

"This is a major problem I think we have in this country, it is not the fault of the NFF, it is the fault of the coach - he should know that we once coached him at the same time his seniors in this profession," Peters told NigeriaNewsWatch.

"I think he should have asked the NFF to allow us work with him in an advisory capacity, not to stay with him in the same hotel.

"You can see the Brazilian bench- you see Calos Alberto Periera and you see Zalgado and Scolari and his assistants. They are there putting heads together, he continued.

"We should have put our heads together but I think it is because Keshi does not want it. If he wants it he should have asked. If he asked he would have recieved and if the federation goes ahead to force us on him, it would be seen as interfering in his work.

"So, I think we are just here like onlookers and fans to watch the world cup. The federation want us to be here in a higher capacity but their hands are tied because they could be accused of interfering.

"You may want to recall that sometimes before the World Cup, the leadership of the Nigeria Football Federation made effort to engage a foreign technical assistant to Stephen Keshi but he firmly resisted it saying he does not need it,” he concluded.