Support Keshi's World Cup team, says James Peters

The ex-national team assistant coach has termed the selection for the World Cup as perfect for the country going to Brazil, admitting he wouldn't have done better
By Samuel Ahmadu

Former Super Eagles assistant coach, James Peters has described the Super Eagles' final 23-man squad named by coach Stephen Keshi for the FIFA World Cup as "the best" available and called for support for the team.

Despite eyebrows being raised by Nigerians, Peters, who is the assistant technical-director of the Nigeria Football Federation, said in an exclusive chat with Goal, that the 23-man list presented by Keshi would do well in Brazil.

"Yea, I think, without understatement that is the best list any coach can produce or present at this moment.

"Well, if you come through the number of players Keshi has invited to camp and if you follow them critically from day one till today. He has used so many players, but at the same time he was eliminating by substitution.

"And he  has come to this last stage, to pick the best and I think this is best. If I’m there, that is what I would have done. There won't have been any other player better from which he  has picked," Peters told Goal.

When asked over his areas of concerns for the team, Peters explained that Keshi's selection in all departments was best of players he had at hand, stressing that he may not have made any better choice if in his shoes.

"I think he has taken care of every department. The defence is okay, that is why I said there couldn’t have been anybody better than what he has taken. So, if there is anybody better, we would have complained, but the whole positions he has taken care of them.

"So, I don't think there is any need for anybody to complain. All we need to do now is to concentrate and support him and support the team to get to the next stage of the competition.

"I don’t think there is any other person missing, if they are thinking of Ike Uche or [Sunday] Mba and others, but no coach has the same ideology, very difficult to get the same eye and feeling for players.

“Keshi has chosen this way; all we need to do is give him support. We can't do anything, saying he must put Uche, which could be counter-productive. So all needed is for the nation to support Keshi," he explained.