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The country's football ruling body has added a year to the tenure of the League's body after commending the premier league supervisor for a job well done

Reports from the Nigeria Football Federation's Annual General Assembly (AGA) that held in Warri, Delta State on Thursday has hinted that the League Management Company has had its tenure extended by one year.

The NFF's AGA ratified this and many more important decisions that are aimed at repositioning the country's football beyond now.

The tenure of the LMC has become public speculation after a public face-off between the league's body and the Club Owners who said the body must leave office to allow a duly elected league body to take its place. But the NFF came out to overrule the decision of the Club Owners stating that they lack the jurisdiction to sack the LMC.

The Glasshouse has publicly praised the LMC for the role the body has played to give the elite division a new face.

It is not year clear what will be the position of the premier league Club Owners to the proclamation from the NFF's AGA.