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The veteran coach has pointed out grey areas where the Nigeria Professional Football League needs enhancement ahead of the upcoming league season

Coach Godfrey Esu has suggested ways at which the Nigeria Professional Football League can become an attractive brand.

 In a chat with Goal, the former Shooting Stars and Enyimba trainer fingered administration as the albatross that hangs on the neck of the growth of Nigeria’s top flight football league.

“Nigeria is a blessed country with talents and all we need is good organisation to push the league forward. In terms of players entitlements, the facilities and managerial areas, there are lots of things we need to do,” Esu told Goal.

“Even the playing period is wrong. Our league is supposed to correspond with the European leagues. No wonder our players are unable to go for trials abroad for greener pastures.

“Also, we hear players go on strike which is not the same in South Africa and even Cote d’Ivoire. For how long are we going to continue like that here? Some playing grounds are death traps.

"At the end of last season, referees were giving free penalties so that some teams could win in other to escape relegation, we have to look into the area of officiating too which is a big suspect,” Esu concluded.