Bonus row report not fair on Super Eagles, says Akpoborie

The former international says the panel report on bonus row will not help motivate Super Eagles players for further games
Former Super Eagles striker Joanthan Akpoborie has disclosed that the Olusegun Adeniyi Panel was not fair on the Super Eagles with the report sent to the sports minister on Thursday.

The panel among other things recommended that the Super Eagles players should not be paid bonus when the team plays a draw.

The panel noted that there is no need for the players to get draw bonus in any match from now on.
Akpoborie told Goal that what the panel has recommended concerning not paying for a draw will not in any way encourage the players.

"These players are human beings. They are entitled to some things and one of them is the draw bonus. It is not good that the panel said the Nigeria Football Federation will not pay the players anytime they get a draw," Akpoborie told Goal.

"In 1998, we played a draw against the Hareembee Stars of Kenya in Nairobi and that singular result gave us the ticket to play in the World Cup.

"There are some drawn games that are very important. Are you telling me that if the Super Eagles play a draw against Malawi in Calabar, the players will not get anything?

"We need only a draw in the game against Malawi and if we get the draw, does it mean that the players will be told that there is nothing for them?

"How can you tell them there is no money for the boys when the draw will take us to the final stage of the World Cup qualifiers?

"I believe the players deserve to be paid when they play a draw. What they are now saying is that we should either play to win or lose.

"They should change what they have in the report because we have played draws this year and the point was counted.

"The implication of what they have done is that if we don't win, then we should lose. I am praying the decision will not have a negative impact on how the players will approach subsequent matches," Akpoborie said.

The Super Eagles will confront the Flames of Malawi on September 7 in Calabar for the final  group match before the play offs.