Dolphins get new bus with share of league sponsorship money

The Port Harcourt side will finally travel in comfort as they have bought a new carrier with their sponsorship fee
Rivers State sports commissioner Fred Igwe has presented Dolphins with a new bus. 

The club has not had a bus for about three seasons as they had resorted to hiring for away games in the league but that is now a thing of the past.

General manager Dumbor Awanen said the money used to purchase the bus was what the club received from their share of the League sponsorship money.

“I can confirm to you that we now have a bus and that money did not fall from the sky.

“You remember that we received 10.5 million Naira as our share of the League sponsorship money just last month and we put that money into immediate good use.

“We must thank the sports commissioner who was wise enough to suggest and also agree to put that money into proper use,” Awanen said.

Title rights holders of the league, Globacom recently remitted 1.9 billion Naira as sponsorship rights for the league and after sharing the money for the first season each club got 10.5 million as their share.

Dolphins are the first club who have announced how they spent their share of the League sponsorship money.