Ezekiel looking to beat fastest goal in future

The 19-year-old is getting to make a name for scoring early goals in Belgium this season

Imoh Ezekiel is not only proving he can score goals in Belgium, he is also starting to show a penchant for scoring very early in matches.

Two weekends ago, he scored the fastest goal so far this season in Belgium. It was timed at 10.85s while last season he scored in 12.75s against OH Leuven.

Imoh spoke to dhnet.be and joked that he plays football and he is not Usain Bolt though he hopes to beat that record in future.

“Beating this record? You never know what can happen in football," said Imoh.

“This is my fastest career goal I had 12 seconds against OH Leuven last season but this is still [not] as fast as Usain Bolt.

“But I'm a football player, not Usain Bolt. I could try to beat that record one day, you never know what can happen in football, we'll see."

Imoh has scored only one goal in the league this season but he has two assists to his name as Standard Liege stand atop the Belgian league with 12 points from four matches played so far.

"I am very happy to be at Standard, this is my family here I'm glad they gave me the opportunity to show what I can do and be satisfied that I remained despite some interests from other clubs both in Belgium and outside.

“This season, with the new coach and the transfers, we have a lot of quality and we hope to win many games,” he added.