Kanu: Nigeria will win the 2014 Fifa World Cup for Africa

Former Arsenal and Nigeria legend Nwankwo Kanu spoke exclusively to Goal about Nigerian football and the future of the game in Africa

Goal: How highly do you rate the current Nigeria squad?

Kanu: We have a good squad that is competent enough to take us to the World Cup and make us shine on the world map.

Goal: What is your take on the coach Stephen Keshi?

Kanu: When he came in to the squad many people were very negative about him but he has proved that he is the best coach we ever had. He is a great guy and what is important is that he knows what he is doing with the players, as he is a former player as well.

Goal: How do you think he is coping with being a local coach, compared to Europeans who normally coach Africa's top nations? 

Kanu: Fortunately, the players love and respect him a lot. As you know that he is a straight talker so the players know what is expected from them.
Kanu watches the Super Eagles

Goal: Speaking about players respecting him, it seems like Nigeria are trying out many new faces, and how are they shaping the squad going ahead?

Kanu: We want players that are hungry for success and players who will play for the country with pride and dignity. That is the main reason we have such a squad. Although we can still have experienced players, nobody owns a space, they all need to work hard.

Goal: What is your expectation for Nigeria's upcoming match against Malawi and qualifying for the World Cup?

Kanu: We are definitely going to the World Cup next year, and we want to win the Cup for Africa. About the Malawi match - we are ready for it and we will do our best.

Goal: Most critics argue that the current Nigeria team is not as good as your generation. Yet, they won the 2013 Afcon. What do you think has brought back the passion in the squad?

Kanu: We have a great coaching team behind them. And, that is what makes us the best in Africa.