Creditors, not hoodlums accosted Dolphins players, says Oshodi

The coordinator of the two Premier League clubs in Rivers State says Dolphins players simply paid back the money they borrowed from their fans
Coordinator of Dolphins and Sharks fans in Rivers State, Patrick Green, also known as Oshodi has reacted angrily to media reports that players of Dolphins were attacked by hoodlums as they collected their signing on fees last week.

Oshodi tried his best to explain the true situation saying the fans only went to recover money owed them by the players.

“You all know me that I am the coordinator of Sharks and Dolphins fans in the state. I was present at the banking premises and saw everything.

“When these players were not paid, it was these fans that helped them with loans and the best thing for the fans to do was go to the bank and ensure they got their monies back.

“I heard news of hooligans going to way lay the players and barricade the premises of the bank but there was nothing like that. It was a normal business activity,” Oshodi said.

The coordinator continued that trouble started when some players, rather than pay their debt, sought the services of soldiers to escape with large sums of money owed to creditors.

“I must agree that there was a little scuffle but it happened when Victor Babayaro got the services of soldiers to collect his money for him, rather than pay his debts and the boys got angry because they knew that was wrong.”

He then opened a can of worms on the bad side of Dolphins and Sharks players naming players of both teams who were heavily indebted to fans and various money lending bodies and refused to pay up when they got paid.

Green continued that the commissioner was right to pay the players in cash and not through their account or else they would have escaped with lots of money owed.