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The Super Eagles player who has just concluded a move to Turkey has called the bluff of his former employers who he claims are still owing him money running into millions of Naira

Newly recruited by Bucaspor FC of Turkey, Henry Uche has told former club, Enyimba not to lay claims to him as their player since he has had no contract with the Aba club since November 2012.

The attacking midfielder who said he regretted ever laying boots for Enyimba alleged that the club is fond of being a stumbling block in the path of their players when such players try to move abroad to further their careers.

Henry who has just tied up a three and half years contract with Bucaspor said that he was duly signed by the Turkish Club and Enyimba should stop trying to reap from where they did not sow.

"It baffled me when I read in a sports newspaper [on Saturday] that Enyimba said I still have a valid contract with them and no club should deal with me. I am not in a slavery camp and Fifa is very clear about the issue of player's contract and dealings with club," Henry said.

"The truth of the matter is that the last time that I played for Enyimba was November 2012 and up till now they still owe me the sum of 7,455,000 Naira which Enyimba have refused to pay up. If I were their son would they have watched me to die of hunger?

"But now that Almighty God has opened the way for me they want to act as a stumbling block. It’s a lie that won't happen. I joined my new club legally and if they like they can go to Fifa I don't care.

"The chairman of the club used to threaten that he will use his position as a board member of the Nigeria Football Federation to punish me and even stop my ambition to play professional football abroad. I cannot continue to condone this. I am ready to fight for my right and life ambition," Henry vowed.