Isong Isang: LMC have no right to banish Akwa United

The Akwa United chairman has revealed that the League Management Committee have no moral right to ask his team to play outside their base
Akwa United chairman, Isong Isang has told Goal that the League Management Committee has no right to banish his team to play at the Rojenny Stadium after crowd trouble marred their game against Warri Wolves in Uyo.

Fans of the Uyo side alledgedly attacked referee Henry Ogunyanmodi at the interval of the game against Warri Wolves which they were leading 2-0.

The League Management Committee after the game banished Akwa United to the Rojenny Stadium, Oba and also awarded three points and three goals to Warri Wolves.

"I am surprised the League Management Committee will take such a decision when they should have done their investigation very well.

"They know they don't have any right to banish any team because it is the job of the Organising and Disciplinary Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation.

"What have we done to banish us? The referee, Henry Ogunyanmodi stopped the game because he alleged fans attacked him.

"But can anybody tell me that he saw the rerefee being beaten? Is it morally right to think that we are on top in the first half and our fans will descend on the referee to justify banishment to Oba?

"The LMC just rushed to take the decision but we have appealed and the O & D will soon meet and we will know exactly what happened.

"We have played a draw at home this season and nobody at that time attacked the referee. So why would anybody think we are up 2-0 in the first half and our supposed fans will beat up a referee.

"In this age, we are still giving a club three points and three goals to clubs in the Premier League. But we have appealed the decision and we know everything will work out right.

"We should do things right if we want to move the game in this country. The League Authorities must take a good look at all issues before they take decisions," Isong fumed.