Dolphins claim Kwara United fans are a disgrace to the game

The violent attitude of Afonja Warriors fans has been condemned by the Port Harcourt club after their 1-1 draw at the weekend in Ilorin

Dolphins media officer, China Acheru has described fans of Kwara United as a disgrace for their show of shame in Ilorin on Sunday during and after a league game against Dolphins that ended 1-1.

According to Acheru, fans of the club were close to physically assaulting the referees after the game because they did not aid the home side to win.

"Trouble started around the 75th minute when we got our equaliser as two fans jumped over the barricade on to the pitch shouting and pointing at the referee but an influential person sitting in the VIP called them to order and they returned grudgingly," Acheru told Goal.

"A neutral fan who was stupid enough to celebrate the Dolphins equaliser was manhandled by a Kwara United thug just in front of me but the major drama started at the end of the game," Acheru added.

Dolphins media officer said the referees had the tight police presence to thank or else there would have been complete mayhem.

"They were all locked in the VIP and could not go over. Besides, the police had formed a protective ring around the referees but they tried to pelt them with any object that they could lay their hands on.

"I was also trapped in the VIP with them and I saw it at close range. One of them even tried to tear off one of the plastic seats to throw at the referee but it didn't come off.

"So they were throwing sachets of water at the referees as they made their way out, spitting on them and throwing anything they could lay their hands on.

"For a club that won a match in Port Harcourt and came out unscathed, it seems to me a crying shame that the fans could be that angry and show such tendencies because of a home draw.

"Though the fans attempted to manhandle the referee, the security was up to it and the referees were safe, but those fans like every other set of fans in Nigeria need to be educated lest they bring the game to disrepute."

Kwara United media officer, Olayode Ajide reacted by saying that there is no truth in what Dolphins said happened during and after the game.

"I am surprised that they are saying our fans tried to beat up the match officials. The problem during the game was that our fans were not happy with Kwara United coaches who did not make the neccessary input to win the game," said Ajide.

"One of our players who played well in the match, Samuel Adegbenro was subsitituted for Emmanuel Ogar and the fans were not happy with the decision of the coaches.

"And when Obadaki came in, they also showed their displeasure. So why would the fans attack the match officials?

"They did not disallow any of our goals and they did their best in the game. We lost to Nasarawa United and nobody did anything to the match officials or the team from Lafia.

"We travelled to Port Harcourt and defeated Sharks. Nothing happened to any of our players. So it is a surprise to me that Dolphins will complain that our fans tried to molest the match officials.

"Our fans like good football and that is why they were not happy with what the coaches did during the game. There was never a time they attempted to beat up match officials," he added.