Recreativo Libolo to leave Enugu immediately after game against Rangers

The visiting Angolan club side will leave Enugu immediately after the Caf Champions League game with their chartered flight

Angolan side, Recreativo Libolo will leave Enugu immediately after their Caf Champions League match against Rangers on Sunday.

The first leg second round of the Caf Champions League will be played at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium in Enugu. learnt that the Angolan side who defeated Al-Merreikh of Sudan 4-2 on aggregate came for the game with a chartered flight and want to return to their country immediately at the end of the game.

Officials of Enugu Rangers said Recreativo Libolo are at liberty to choose how they want to go since they came with their own aircraft.

"If that is the way they want it, no problem. There is nothing wrong with their decision to go immediately the game ends.

"Most clubs with chartered flights don't like staying for another day.

"The game starts by 3 pm just like the last game against Vital 'O. So our supporters should know that the game is now going to start by 3 pm and not 4 pm.

"We are confident of getting a good result from that game at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium."

The winner in the two legs qualifies for the group stage of the Caf Champions League.