Ladan Bosso: Majority of Nigerian coaches don't sign proper contracts

Bayelsa United coach has said that coaches in Nigeria should try and sign legally binding contracts before handling any team in the league

Bayelsa United coach, Ladan Bosso has revealed that majority of coaches in the various clubs in Nigeria don't sign valid contracts.

Bosso stated what some Nigerian coaches have signed does not contain what should be in a proper contract that must be respected by both parties.

And since the start of the league season, Nigerian coaches have come under fire for their desperate attitude in handling clubs without proper documentation.

The former Wikki Tourists head coach told that Nigerian coaches must strive to do the right things before joining a club.

"I want to say that majority of the coaches don't have valid contracts,” Bosso told

“I have decided to use valid contracts because what most of us have is just one paper where we write our names and then the salary and allowances are stated.

"A proper contract must contain more than names and other things. This is what we should be striving for when any club says they want our services.

"Why is it that clubs just sack coaches with thinking of the consequences or paying enough compensation? We should not look cheap in the eyes of club administrators.

"I know we have good coaches in Nigeria. And I know the conditions in which they work. But we can make it easier on ourselves if we don't give clubs the room to treat us shabbily.

"It is either a club wants to give you a job with proper contract papers or they hold the job.

"There is no way you will not be trampled upon as a coach if you don't have genuine contracts because when everything goes bad, the contract you have signed will be certainly be of help.

"We have a part to play in the growth of the game in the country, but we must not play down the fact that we must carry ourselves very well," Bosso added.