Cyril Wite: Sharks FC is doomed if there are no changes to the management of the team

The former secretary of the club says a lot needs to be done before the Port Harcourt side can realise its potentials this season
Former Sharks secretary, Cyril Wite has told that the club is doomed this season if urgent steps are not taken to rectify the problem of management in the team.

Wite noted that the club is not professionally run and that will be the greatest problem facing the team this season.
Sharks are presently among the bottom teams on the League table with four points from five matches.

"Rivers State Sports Commissioner, Barrister Fred Igwe in the name of “Restructuring” dismantled the proven management team that had been successful," said Wite.

"First, the entire Technical Crew and management team, admin and support staff that prosecuted the 2011/12 football season was sacked and replaced by his friends and kinsmen from Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers State who clearly had no cognate experience.

"Between 2011 till date, Fred has sacked three Technical Advisers, John Obuh, Imama Amapakabo and Austin Eguavoen for reasons other than professional competence.

"A look at the management structure speaks volumes of favour, ethnicity, inexperience, personal interest rather than the urge to win laurels for Rivers State.

"The Acting General Manager of the club, Okey Kpalukwu, a civil servant posted to the team as an administrative secretary to link the team and sponsors (Rivers State Government) clearly has no knowledge of the rules of football administration. He is only actively involved in booking substandard hotels for the team and denying team members their entitlements.

"The team has no accountant as the Acting General Manager performs this role to the delight of Sports Commissioner. I cannot imagine any team in Nigeria that does not have an accountant.

"In fact 70% of the “Restructuring” efforts was based on friendship and ethnicity between the Commissioner, Acting General Manager and the very naïve Personal Assistant to the Sports Commissioner.

"For reasons of greed, the sports commissioner has refused to heed to repeated professional advice that Juwon [Oshaniwa] who played for Sharks FC on loan cannot yield mega dollars to Sharks beyond training compensation fees.

"The bazaar enjoyment from the proceeds of the transfer of Aaron Samuel to a Norwegian clubside is too tempting for the commissioner to desist from the transfer of Oshaniwa to Israel.

"One would have expected a competent Sports Commissioner to use the proceeds of the Aaron Samuel transfer to solve at least the transportation problems seriously affecting the team.

"Rather his acting General Manager, Okey Kpalukwu prefers to hire buses on every away trip of the team for about three seasons now so as to personally benefit from every away game.

"There are other appointments that are not in line with laid down rules that will not argur well for the team this season.

"Except something is done, Sharks will just participate in the Nigeria Professional Football League without competing for honours," Wite sounded off.

Sharks media officer, Peter Abaje in reaction revealed to that Cyril Wite has refused to come to terms with the fact that he was removed as Secretary of the club because of negligence of duty.

"The former secretary of the club has been going about castigating the management set up of being incompetent to manage the affairs of the club as well as sending out fictitious stories about the club," said Abaje.

"He was also quoted as saying that the club will not do well unless the management is changed which he claimed is geared towards running the club professionally what he could not do for the over three years that he was secretary of the club.

"In all his allegation of administrative lapses like the provision of good accommodation for the players and late arrival of the team to Gombe for the week 4 cracker against Gombe United.

"Cyril failed to tell the world that the team arrived late because of a fatal accident along Makurdi road that led to the death of four Okada riders and subsequent blockage of the road by aggrieved youths for eight hours.

"Teams like Bayelsa United, Nasarawa United, Akwa United alongside Sharks FC were all stranded for almost four hours because of the blockage, which led to Akwa United playing Wikki Tourists the same day they arrived Bauchi while Sharks arrived Gombe United and not 11pm as speculated by Cyril Dum Wite.

"If Cyril Dum Wite is actually passionate about the progress of the team, why didn’t he call to find out why the team arrived Gombe the time it did despite leaving Port Harcourt early on Tuesday or applaud the GM for making a better alternative hotel reservation for the team, rather he has been busy chasing shadows.

"Rather than telling the public that he was relieved of his appointment as Secretary because he failed in the discharge of his duties when he left the registration of the players for the new season and travelled with his oga’s to America and was missing in the week one game against Warri Wolves as he was nowhere close to the bench to take match stastistics.

"Cyril Dum Wite’s carefree attitude to work as Secretary of the team led to a situation where the Captain,Odinga Odinga was the only bonafide player of the team reason being that he refused to be registered as a loan player because of their selfish interest.

'Until recently ninety five percent of the Sharks players are on loan from other clubs yet Sharks will pay these players sign on fees and nothing comes to the club when these players move out thereby incurring a great loss.

"He claimed to be the international clearance officer of the club with the Nigeria Football Federation yet he has not been able to give account of players sold to foreign clubs like Juwon Oshinawan to Asdod of Isreal.
"Management is using this opportunity to appeal to Sharks supporters to disregard the comments of the former secretary of the club and continue to show their unflinching support to the team as patriots as sharks is still work in progress and sooner than later the blue angels of port Harcourt will be the team to beat in the local league," Abaje said.