Get Super Falcons a coach now, Sam Okpodu insists

The one-time Super Falcons handler believes for female football to bounce back to its place of pride, football administrators should start working the talks

Former Falcons team handler Sam Okpodu has said that the success or failure of the national female team is hinged on the appointment of a new coach who will have sufficient time to raise a very solid team.

In an interview with, the former Green Eagles winger is of the opinion that authorities in charge of Nigerian football need not waste time in getting a replacement for Kadiri Ikhana who resigned after the Falcons' unimpressive showing at the last African Women Championship.

“I think it’s very important to start working on that aspect now especially since we lost our title in South Africa, we need to regroup. The time for the Super Falcons to get a new coach is now,” said Okpodu.

 “We cannot afford to wait till when we have two months to any major tournament before we think about bringing the team together. That will be pretty difficult. Our nations are working and we need to do likewise.”

“The girls are there, but there is nowhere to sustain them for a long time. Another part of it is training programme which takes time before embarking on any competition. Nigeria has been a predominant country in women football, so I see no reason why we should be going down. If we do things right, we can’t get it wrong. Grassroot football development is the key,” Okpodu concluded.