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3SC official says the team is determined to make its supporters happy by handing them a trophy at the end of the season 

Shooting Stars Sports Club (3SC) media officer, Jubril Arowolo has told that the Ibadan side can win the league this season.

Arowolo noted after the team defeated Gombe United 2-0 that the team is in a good position to return to their glory days as they have done everything during the pre-season camping to be in a good frame of mind to challenge for the title.

He said that since they have started well, there is no going back until they achieve their aim.

"We have started well because we prepared well. I am not surprised we played well against Gombe United.

“The boys went through good preparation before the start of the season and we hope to maintain that standard.

"Last year, we started poorly and it affected us all through the season because instead of piling up points to help us challenge for the title, we played to make sure that we remained in the league.

"But it is going to be a different scenario this season. I am not saying this because we defeated Gombe United.

“I am confident because all the obstacles have been surmounted and it is not going to be as tough as it was last season.

"We recruited good players and we still have the core of last season’s team intact.

“The management is doing all they can and the State Government has challenged the players to make sure they get a continental ticket at the end of the season.

"We are all working towards that goal and I know that it is possible because there is a new lease of life in the team," Arowolo added.