Afcon hero Sunday Mba: I would prefer to play in Spain

The Afcon winning midfielder has said that he would want to join a club in La Liga because he likes their pattern of play

Super Eagles midfielder Sunday Mba has revealed that he would prefer to play in Spain if he could make the choice for his future following the scamble by clubs to sign him. Mba told that he the pattern of play in La Liga suits his style.

The midfielder, who scored the winning goal in the Africa Cup of Nations final game against Burkina Faso in South Africa, said his mind is in Spain and would consider any good club from that country because he would adjust to their style of play easily.

"Yes it is true that a lot of clubs are eager to sign me. If I have my way I would want to play for a club that is based in Spain," Mba told

"This is because apart from other considerations, the way they play their football suits exactly how I like to play my game.

"I have always admired players in Spain. But like I said, if it is in my power to choose where I will play in Europe, I would most definitely move to Spain. I believe I have the neccessary requirements to do well in that country."

Mba surprised many with his match-winning goals at the Afcon where he scored key strikes against Cote D'Ivoire and Burkina Faso. He was awarded the World Player of the Week and Goal of the Week afterwwards.

"The 2013 Africa Cup of Nations has shown me that a player can achieve anything he sets out to do," said Mba.

"Nobody believed I would do well, but I braved the odds and God crowned my efforts. I will do well in any country, but Spain remains my first choice," Mba said.