Anthony Okpotu: Lobi Stars will present a good team in the Caf Confederation Cup

The Makurdi club's striker believes everything will work well for them as they strive to give their best in the continent
Lobi Stars striker Anthony Okpotu has boasted that they will present a formidable team that will do the country proud in the Caf Confederation Cup.

Okpotu told during the unveiling of the team's jersey by kit manufacturing firm Owu that they have all going for them as they strive to put up a good representation in the competition this year.

"I am optimistic that we are going to do well in the Confederation Cup. This is because we retained the best of the team that played in the Federation Cup last year and also came third in the Nigeria Premier League," Okpotu told

"Not many people gave us a chance last season. They did not reckon with us. They felt we cannot amount to anything. But we proved we have a solid side and before they knew what was happening, we had qualified for the finals of the Federation Cup and was on the verge of winning the Premier League trophy.

"The players that made Lobi Stars strong last season are very much around and we have promised ourselves that nothing will derail our plans to make the best use of the opportunity presented by our participation.

"The management of the team who did so well to take good care of our welfare last season are more than able to motivate us to win all available trophies.

"We have prepared very well for all the competitions this season. And we have also played enough friendly matches to keep us in tune for the task ahead.

"I am confident we will be able to prove a lot of people wrong that we are a storng force this season," Okpotu said.