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The league management body has explained what necessitated the new date and why those issues must be settled before the season commences

Nigeria Premier League Executive Secretary, Tunji Babalola has given reasons why the new season will now start on March 9th and not the previous February 16 initially announced.

Babalola told said that the earlier date could not materialise based on the evidence of things on ground among the various clubs scheduled to participate in the league.

He averred it would amount to chasing shadows if the league is to start this Saturday owing to plethora of issues raised by the board on the way forward  and certain pronouncement by the body which the clubs ought to fulfil which have not been met among others factors.

Babalola opined that with a new date picked, the interim management board would assiduously work to get to the roots of important issues raised and ensure they are resolved in time for the commencement of the 2012/2013 season.

Babalola explained:"The league will no longer start on February 16. We are sorry about the latest development. We are doing everything to ensure that we have a good league season and one that is hitch free.

"There are so many unresolved issues and the new date will enable us to work towards getting to the bottom of them so that we will start the league season and stop it along the line.

"The March 9 date is for real and we would have put everything in shape ahead of this new date. Everything will be in place and all the clubs will be ready for the new season "