Danny Shittu issues warning to Aston Villa in lead up to FA Cup encounter

The Nigerian defender has warned their Premier League opponents that coming to the Den would not be easy after their recent travails

The English FA Cup Round 5 kicks off on Friday night with an encounter between Premier League strugglers Aston Villa and Championship side, Millwall.

And the Championship side captained by big Nigerian defender Danny Shittu has warned the Villains that the trip to the Den would not be easy as the Millwall fans would be on their backs for their Capital One Cup loss to Division teo side, Bradford.

“Coming to The Den is never easy for any team and with the run they have been on I am sure their players will not be looking forward to it. It will be hard for them,” Shittu told the Daily Mail.

Shittu recalled coming back to Millwall with QPR in March 2011 and the heckling he got from the crowd and he also ended up getting sent off.

“That's why I can talk first-hand about how hard it is coming to the Den as an opposing player.

“I've always got on well with the fans here and when I left for QPR I thought they would understand and wish me well. But when I came back here I discovered I was wrong.

“They were on my back for the whole game. I had never experienced anything like it. Every time I got the ball I got abuse. Not racial or anything bad, but boos and jeers.

“It was so difficult to play with that going on and I ended up getting sent off. It's good, though. It shows how passionate the fans are here. Hopefully they can do the same to the Villa players tomorrow and help us win the game.

‘If the fans can get into them the way they got into me then I'm sure it will affect them. As a player you try to block it out but it is hard. Things start running through your mind.

“Why are they booing me?” And you start thinking about other things apart from playing the game.

“As a professional footballer you have to be mentally strong to deal with things like that. These fans are going to get into them about losing to Bradford.

“This is not the place you want to come to after that. I’m sure the Villa fans are going to get it as well. It will help us as players and spur us on.’

Shittu also revealed that Millwall will be targeting using set pieces to do some damage to the Aston Villa rear guard.

‘They are a bit weak at set pieces and it is something we hope to capitalise on,’ he said.

‘We are changing things around a bit. I don’t want to let too much away,” the 32-year old concluded.