Obinna Nsofor laments poor state of Nigeria Premier League

The Locomotiv Moscow forward has called on the League body to put their house in order so players can get the benefit of playing in the domestic game
Locomotiv Moscow striker, Obinna Nsofor has lamented the poor state of the Nigeria Premier League and has called on the relevant authorities to urgently do something so that players still plying their trade can derive benefits of playing at home.

Nsofor who played for Kwara United and Enyimba while he was still in Nigeria noted that it is not good that there has been no remarkable change in the fortunes of the game in Nigeria.

The former Super Eagles player who is on holidays admitted that nothing has changed from when he played for his last club in Nigeria some seven years ago.

"I really cannot understand what is happening with the Nigeria Premier League. I thought a lot would have changed for the better, but it seems as if things are getting worse.

"When I played in the Premier League in Nigeria, we enjoyed a lot of welfare packages. It is rare for players to be owed. We took our game very serious because we know our club will always give us what we want.

"But when I read and hear about what is happening these days, I feel sad that we are not improving in any way. Players cannot give their best if they know that nobody will come to their rescue when they have any problem.

"No matter how talented a player is, he cannot do anything on the field of play if he is not well taken care of. I still have friends that play in the Nigeria Premier League and what I hear about them is not smething that is good in any way.

"I hear there is an Interim Management Committee to take charge of the League for one year. They should make sure they sort out all the grey areas in the League.

"But the most important is for them to place the welfare of players above all prorities. How can somebody work for a month and he is owed.

"I believe in one year they can solve all the problems of the league before they hand over at the end of the season.

"Everything should be done to make sure the players are happy all through the season. Once the players are paid as and when due and all other problems are solved, everybody will enjoy the game in the country," Nsofor said.