NPL clubs set to meet in Abuja after refusing to go to Kano for congress

Sixteen clubs are set to meet in the Federal Capital Territory on Wednesday to discuss on how to move the Nigeria Premier League forward
Chairmen of sixteen clubs in the Nigeria Premier League have concluded plans to meet on Wednesday after they insisted that they will not go to Kano for their congress on Thursday which is supposed to herald the start of the new season.

The board of the Nigeria Premier League had fixed Thursday, December 6th as the date for the congress. gathered that the clubs jointly signed a letter and forwarded to the Sports Minister and the Nigeria Football Federation that they will not go to Kano for the congress.

The clubs thereafter decided that they will meet in Abuja on Wednesday and thereafter make their position known on the issues in the Premier League. The League in Nigeria has suffered so much and the Club Chairmen are trying to see if they can remedy the situation.

The chairman of the one of the clubs told on condition of anonymity that what they want to do on  Wednesday is to lend their voice to the bad state of the Nigeria Premier League.

"We have refused to go to Kano because there are so many things wrong with going there for a congress. I don't know why the board is running away from holding the congress in Abuja.

"We are rushing to hold a congress and the problems of the league are still there. Last season, we paid indemnities of match officials and nobody has told us that we will get our money back. There is no sponsor for the league.

"Players are being owed and this present board is in a hurry to start the league. When are we going to sit down and look at the problems plauging the Premier League?

"That is why we are going to meet in Abuja on Wednesday so that we can discuss a lot of issues. It is so unfortunate that some people who are supposed to protect and improve the league are not doing anything.

"We don't want to allow the Premier League go into extinction and that is why we want to do something fast.

"By the time we finish the meeting on Wednesday, Nigerians will know that we mean well for the Nigeria Premier League".