Roberto Martinez: England lost out to Nigeria on Victor Moses

Victor Moses’ former coach believes England’s former manager; Fabio Capello should have capped the Nigerian for England

Nigeria’s gain is England’s loss, said Roberto Martinez to Daily Mail on the issue of Victor Moses playing for Nigeria instead of for England.

“Victor [Moses] is a quite unique player. When you work with him you realise he is not a normal footballer, not a typical modern winger.

“He is an old-fashioned type of winger, with incredible raw talent that allows him to go past people. He brings real penetration to the wide positions.

“Teams are so well set-up tactically these days that you need players who can bring something different, and they don’t appear that often.

“Victor [Moses] is that type, though. Even if you look at the great footballing cultures, like Spain and Holland, you see that players of this type are very rare. Victor could have been a real weapon for any team in world football.

Martinez then explained why Moses finally chose to pledge his international future to Nigeria – his birth place.

“His experience with the Under 21s was frustrating for him, and for us, because, from our point of view, we could see he was something special. He offers something very different.

“Football is a matter of opinions, so there is no right or wrong over whether he should have been tied to England. But it is difficult to find players like him, not just in England, and I am sure he could have adapted to anything.

“If he continues to have the same impact at Chelsea, he will get plenty of chances to show his talent. He is ready to compete at that level and show what he is about.

“It is no surprise to see him playing at the highest level, and you have to remember he is still a very young man in football terms.

“He is going to be as good as he wants to be. You just have to admire his mentality. Nothing fazes him, and the best is yet to come, that is for sure,” Martinez concluded.

Moses has scored thrice for Chelsea though he has started just four matches and twice for the Super Eagles in five appearances.