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The Nigerian company behind the beach football competition is doing all in its power to promote the game in the country and earn the respect of other beach soccer playing nations

Kinetic Sports headed by Samson Adamu became a well-known name in 2011 when the first edition of Copa Lagos was held on Kuramo Beach and won by Nigeria's Sand Eagles that was captained by Isiaka Olawale.

The second edition of that tournament is now just weeks away and Adamu has shown his hand again by helping the Sand Eagles make the Dubai Invitational tournament, which the players were ready to miss until he came to the rescue of the Nigeria Football Federation with some needed financing.

Adamu spoke to on his passion for developing the beach variant of football in the country.

“There are lots of ways to help a country develop and grow and one of it is opening up areas where there are chances for optimum development and growth,” said Adamu.

“Beach Soccer has that potential in Nigeria with the vast array of talent and the proviso that not all of the talented footballers in our midst can make it into the Super Eagles. So we are trying to provide an alternative and at the same time make a name for ourselves in events development, marketing and delivery."

The first edition was commended for all and sundry for the flow of events and the colours that were added in the form of dancers and music acts which makes the two-day event much more than soccer.

Providing a platform

“We are trying to carve a niche and provide a platform for the growth of the game. The national team have won the African Championship multiple times but they need better preparation and management to make a name for themselves on the world stage.

“That is where Kinetic Sports comes in – we are one step at a time building that platform so that one day, very soon – Nigeria will be world champions in Beach Soccer.”

Kinetic Sports is also into pitch panelling and other sports promotion with Beach Soccer as the prime niche.

“Football is a way of life in Nigeria and getting involved is our own little way of helping the development of the game and the fulfilment of the dreams of some of our youths,” he added.

The Sand Eagles returned to the country from Dubai on Monday having finished in fourth position – they lost in the semi-final to Russia, who are the reigning world champions,

They also lost the third place match to hosts, UAE, 8-7. In the first round they lost 6-3 to Brazil, defeated Switzerland 7-6 and Japan 6-5.

The team is now looking forward to successfully defending their Copa title in December.

“I know we can do better than what we were able to put up in Dubai, but we will show our real stuff when the Copa Lagos comes on stream in a few weeks,” coach Audu Adamu said after their third-place loss to UAE.

This year, the Sand Eagles will face teams from Lebanon, Portugal and Argentina from December 14 – 16.

Adamu, CEO of Kinetic Sports added that the Sand Eagles are now beginning to be reckoned with in Beach Soccer and the second edition of Copa Lagos will help solidify that positive acclamation.

“It is good that high calibre teams like the Portuguese, the Argentines and the Lebanese are coming to test the mettle of our team.

“We will surely make them feel at home but not too comfortable for them to beat our team,” he concluded.