Nosa Igiebor: Eagles have a score to settle with Liberia

The Eagles would like to stay quiet but want to teach the Lone Star a football lesson on Saturday in Calabar
Nosa Igiebor has just begun a stint in La Liga with Real Betis and scored the first Eagles goal in Monrovia against the Liberians in September. He told that the players have resolved to teach the Lone Star a football lesson on Saturday.

“For us in the Eagles’ fold we don’t want to talk too much ahead of the tie,” Igiebor told

“As you can see, the Liberians have been talking tough and too much too we don’t want to do that. We will try to silence them on match day.

“For me I don’t think there is anything to start boasting and bragging about as regard the game. We know what the game means and we know what it at stake and so I think we just go out there and fight and at the end of the day by God’s grace we will get the ticket for sure.

He added that the Liberians’ antics does not bother the players as it will be eleven against eleven on Saturday.

“It is not a problem to us. Whatever plans they have and whenever they wish to come in are of less concern to us.

“We have to focus on our own training and ensure we are in shape and on Saturday go out there and show the stuff we are made of and by the grace of God, we will have a rewarding win.

Igiebor will win his fourth cap against Liberia on Saturday if he is fielded.