Sunday Oliseh: Nigerian football needs sincerity to thrive

The former Super Eagles captain has said that the eradication of corruption will bring Nigerian football back to its glory days
Former Super Eagles captain Sunday Oliseh has disclsoed that only sincerity of purpose from all stakeholders will bring back the glory days of Nigerian football.

Oliseh noted that a lot will have to give way if Nigerian football must take its pride of place again in the World.

Oliseh who spoke during the Soccerex seminar in Lagos that the game in the country can turn around for the better if conscious effort is put into making it work.

"I marvel at the potentials in our football. From the players to the adminstrators, you can see that what is lacking is putting the square pegs in square holes.

"When we are sincere with ourselves, there are things we will do without thinking of what will come to us.That is the major difference between the football administrators in Nigeria and abroad.

"In most of the European countries, they do things to make the entire system work. We need to have people who can plan and allow the system evolve naturally.

"I know we can do it right and we should begin to think of raising the standard of the game in the country.

"We should change our orientation and being to see things from a stand point of changing the face of the game.

"We can acheive a lot if we decide to do things right," said Oliseh who won the Africa Cup of Nations as well as Olympic gold playing for Nigeria.