Fifa licenced agent Kester Ezuma says the Nigeria Premier League needs lots of improvement

Nigerian born players agent says the domestic League must command respect to attract the private sector
FIFA licenced agent, Kester Ezuma has stated that for the Nigerian Premier league to command more respect from other climes with respect to proper packaging, organization and players welfare, a lot still needs to be done.

He further said that the League must command respect to attract the private sector. Ezuma noted that the potentials in the NPL must be tapped if players will stop the incessant movement to obscure leagues in the World.

“The league body must come to terms with modern trends in organizing league football in the country. They need to be steadfast with the implementation of the rules as well as have a football calendar that will stand the test of time," said Ezuma. 

"We don’t need to be postponing league games because one of our clubs is involved in international competition. All we need is to be pro-active and build into our calendar, dates of international games and direct clubs accordingly,” stated the agent who has a lot of interest in Ghanaian and Nigerian players.

He further stated, “Our league is too good to be run without sponsorship from the corporate world. So, the league managers should get cracking and get credible sponsors with the right prizing for our league to be at par with those of other top football playing nations so as to stop the everyday migration of talented players out of the league.

"Also, club managers should be more professional in the way they handle affairs at the clubs by reaching out to people and organizations that can help them properly run the clubs without running to their respective governments for monthly subventions.

"The Nigeria Premier League can be better than what it is presently And I believe we have the people in this country that can turn around the fortunes of the game with private sector participation. 

"Nigerian football has to be taken to the next level by all concerned,” Ezuma said.