Steve Clarke dismisses Odemwingie fears for West Brom place

The Nigerian's fears that he may not get back his starting berth after his three-game suspension have been quashed by his coach

Peter Odemwingie has been reassured by West Brom manager Steve Clarke over losing his starting berth in West Bromwich’s team after he was shown a straight red card last weekend against Fulham.

Though the Baggies’ highest goal scorer for the past two seasons has apologized for the red card which ultimately led to the team losing their first game of the season 3-0, Clarke has told Odemwingie that he still features highly in his plans for the season.

"We have a lot of good players on the bench and players that didn't even make the squad on Saturday and are very good," Odemwingie told the Express and Star.

"I will work hard over the next couple of weeks to make sure I don't lose my position but it is a worry that I might not get my starting shirt back.

"I feel like I've let myself down. It really feels very bad. I also let my team-mates, the club and fans down. I'm sorry."

But Clarke defended his star forward when he said: “I think Peter is right and he is focused.

“His reaction for the sending off was out-of-character. But we're all humans and we all have these emotions,” Clarke told his club’s website.

“He felt aggrieved he didn't get a decision against him, the red mist came down and he lashed out. He got the red card, but he's not the first footballer to do that and he won't be the last,” Clarke concluded.

Odemwingie has scored a goal this season and will be missing for the next three matches.