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Players of the Naze Millionaires say they may not return to the club except they are paid all they are being owed

Players of Heartland have vowed not to return to the Owerri side until the Government of Imo State deems it fit to pay them their entitlements.

The players are not happy that they have been neglected for too long and even after the end of last season, nobody is talking to them even though they retained their Federation Cup title.

The boys told on condition of anonymity that they are making arrangements to sign for other clubs.

"Nothing will make us remain with Heartland next season. This is because they are owing us so much money that I don't know when they are going to pay.

"So we have made up our minds to look for clubs elsewhere because we cannot continue to suffer like we did last season.

"When we were shouting that they should try and pay before the end of the season, some people thought we were just talking and making noise.

"But they have all seen that we were not just talking anyhow. The season has ended and tell me how we will get our money?

"We need to get our money or there is no going back to Heartland. There is still match allowances to pay and of course sign on fees.

"In spite of all, we did well to beat Lobi Stars in the finals of the Federation Cup. That did not help our case as they did not do anything to ensure we got our money before the end of last season. But there is a limit to what we can take. 

"It is either we get our money or they forget about us for next season."