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The Flying Antelopes have said that they have not dropped any player from their squad from last season

Enugu Rangers have denied that they have dropped more than 15 players from their squad from last season. The Flying Antelopes placed second in the Nigeria Premier League last season.

Club media officer Foster Chime told that it is not true that they have asked any player to go because the time is not ripe to do so.

"I don't know where the story is coming from. The fact remains that we cannot drop players when we don't have replacements," said Chime. 

"We don't want to make mistakes because it might not augur well for us. The only way we can drop players is if we have discussed and signed new players.

"What is the point of asking players to leave when we are still looking for players? We are going to recruit players. But until we do that and are satisfied with the quality of players, the old boys remain.

"And if the new players are coming, they must be better than the players we have right now.

"So our players are still intact and are currently on break. Majority of these players will be in Nanka where, hopefully, we are going to have our pre-season preparations and it is from there that we will begin to drop the players.

 "We want to raise a formidable side that will do well in the NPL and the Champions League, so all players will get a fair share of encouragement before anything will happen.

"Rangers will certainly drop players but we have not done so until after the camping exercise in Nanka," Chime said.