Lawrence Akpokona: NPL should learn how to take decisions early to avoid confusion

The former Warri Wolves coach says the League body must take their decisions on time to avoid the kind of rancour that trailed the late ban of Ocean Boys
Former Warri Wolves handler Lawrence Akpokona has advised the Nigeria Premier League to learn how to take decisions early to avoid confusion.

Akpokona told that it is important to take decisions early because it will help stabilise the League and make everybody happy after the decision might have been taken.

Akpokona referred to the expulsion of Ocean Boys and their points deducted which greatly affected all the teams.

"It is imperative that they know the importance of making sure decisions are taken in good time so that nobody will complain about it.

"The issue of Ocean Boys nearly tore the League apart. The board of the Nigeria Premier League took a good decision but at the wrong time.

"If they had taken the decision when Ocean Boys contravened the rules, nobody will say anything bad about the decision and when it was taken.

"I don't have any problems with the decision to expel them and have their points deducted. What they should have done is to expel them immediately so that clubs can adjust very well in the remaining matches of the season.

"As we go into next season, it should be a lesson for them to do the right things at the right time and not the right things at the wrong time.

"At least they cannot tell anybody that the Organizing and Disciplinary Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation delayed in taking decision like that of Ocean Boys.

"We should outgrow all forms of rancour by doing the rigjht things at the right time," Akpokona said.
Lawrence Akpokona is presently the head coach of Insurance of Benin in the National League.