Fan Ndubuoke: The Nigeria Premier League should not start until we sort out every problem

The general manager of Heartland says the new season can only start when some things have been taken care of
Heartland general manager Fan Ndubuoke has advised the Nigeria Premier League not to think of starting a new season until all the issues that bedevilled the League last season have been solved.

Ndubuoke said that the League organizers should not rush any club into starting a new season because some things must be settled before clubs can muster the courage to begin another season.

"I was surprised when I saw the press release that the congress will hold October 2 and in that congress, a date for the commencement of the new season will be decided," Ndubuoke told Brila FM.

"But that is not the way to go. We must take a look at all the issues before the season can start.

"A lot of clubs went through untold hardship last season. Nobody told us that we are going to pay indemnities at the beginning of the season.

"But with just a text message, they will inform us that we should pay indemnities until they have money. Nobody has said anything about refunding us all we spent to take care of match officials. Does it mean we have forfeited all the money because they may not refund us our money.

"The issue of sponsorship is there to talk about. Security is another big issue that must be tackled. And of course we must know what happens to television rights money. These are issues we cannot sweep under the carpet.

"They must all be thrashed out so that we know what we are going into before the season begins. If they can use text messages to ask us to pay indemnities, they should also be eager to send text to tell us when we should expect a refund of the money.

"The time is short. All the clubs are now on break. When will they come to start screening and recruitment? I don't see any reason why we should be in a hurry when clubs have not recovered from what happened to them last season.

"Until we do all these things, nobody should think of starting the league," Ndubuoke said.