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The Nigeria Premier League highest goal scorer is sad that his goals could not save his club from going down to the National League


Nigeria Premier League highest goal scorer, Sibi Gwar has told that he is a sad man that his club, Niger Tornadoes were relegated at the end of the season.

Gwar who scored 16 goals noted that his goals were worthless if it could not play a part in saving the Minna based side from relegation.

"I am not happy at all. I did my best to emerge the highest goal scorer, while hoping that the goals would help the team remain in the elite division," said Gwar.

"I never imagined that Niger Tornadoes would be relegated because we had a decent team that can even contest for the League title.

"I am devastated that such a good club will play in the National League next season. The goal scorer's award means nothing to me again.

"Even when things were so bad, I had hopes that the team would remain in the Premier League. The players did their best. We gave our best in all the matches.

"No player will like his team to go on relegation. It looks like a dream to me. I still cannot get over the fact that the club will start preparation for another season in a lower league.

"I think we were not lucky in some of our matches. But I can take consolation in the fact that everybody worked to escape relegation when the League entered its crucial stage.

"I am very sure that the team will bounce back and return to the Premier League in no distant time," Gwar said.

The Benue born striker was hoping to break Jude Aneke's record of 20 goals this season, but was hampered by the fact that he travelled on trials in Israel before the end of the season.