Ocean Boys threaten to drag NPL to Court

The management of the Yenagoa side says the league body must give a convincing reason why they deserved to be expelled after the league body forced them to continue playing
Barely three days after the announcement of their expulsion from the country's elite division by the Nigeria Premier League Board, the management of Ocean Boys has given the league body a week to explain why they were stopped from honouring their last match away to ABS of Ilorin or face court summon.

Ocean Boys argued that having been prevailed upon to continue the league when the sign was revealing enough that they had no further enthusiasm nor the financial means, it was wrong for the NPL to stop them from playing the last match of the season.

The media officer of the club, Eddy Ohis told Goal.com that Ocean Boys came up with the verdict after a meeting of top officials of the club in Yenagoa and that failure of the league board to give a convincing answer within the stipulated seven days would lead to another legal proceedings.

Quoting the exact words of Ohis: "At the beginning of the season, NPL told us they would pay a certain percentage of our television rights they never did. Instead the little budget we had to ourselves as a private club we used mostly in the payment of match officials' indemnities and that affected our budget.

"At a time we came out to say we were broke and we couldn't continue the league but NPL on their own insisted that we must continue. We failed to honour about a match or two and that when the rule was supposed to be applied but NPL gave us the go ahead to continue.

"Even after we missed two more matches this same NPL forced us to go and play against Sharks in Port Harcourt. I remember a member of the NPL board forced us to use an unregistered player to prosecute the match.

"We were surprised that only about a game to the end of the season, this same NPL now said we were expelled from playing in the league. We want them to come out to tell us the reason they stopped us from honouring the last match of the season or we would take them to court.

" NPL as far as I am concerned have failed in their duties we saddle them with in honouring the league."
 Adding to  Ohis, the General Manager Tony Ogola disclosed: " There was no any pressure from any quarters to demand for what we are not clear with. It is our rights and we know it.

"It was agreed before the commencement of the league season that money would be paid to clubs from the sponsors and TV rights.

"We made our budget taken all these into consideration. We also agreed at the beginning of the season that the clubs would not pay for indemnities of match officials and their accommodation but we did. These affected our budget and we couldn't continue the league. Instead of the NPL to come to our rescue they told us we were expelled.

"NPL have no moral justification to send us to relegation more so to expel us from the league.
"We told them then we were broke because we had to let them know so that they can now give us the money to play the remaining matches because that is the rule.

"We had to give a reasonable excuse why we couldn't honour our matches in accordance with the Article 4(2) 3 which says if a club fails to honour two matches then the club would be automatically relegated unless the club gives a reason acceptable to the NPL which we did.

"Apart from that, NPL gave us money once to play, then Dominic Iorfa also came to our rescue and he gave us money to play a match too. If they (NPL) had given us money we would have played the match to the last."