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Owners of the two Premier League clubs have said there will be changes for them to make an impact next season

River State sports commissioner Fred Igwe has said that there will be massive changes in the two Premier League clubs Sharks and Dolphins.

Igwe noted that the action is neccessary because the two clubs must be properly repositioned ahead of next season. 

The two teams did not finish very well this season and that must have warranted the action that the Rivers State Government wants to take soon. Sharks ended this season in seventh place while Dolphins dropped from their high of winning the trophy last year to 11th spot.

"We must do something to make the two teams strong again. They did not do well this season and there are going to be changes in all the areas so that they can challenge for the league title next season," said Igwe.

"But we are going to be careful to make sure that we do the right things. We are not just making the changes because there must be changes.

"We are doing it because the two teams must have a character to rank among the best in all ramifications in Nigeria next season.

"The re-organisation is going to be total in all the departments. I am sure that all the supporters of the two teams will be happy with the teams when the Nigeria Premier League starts next season.

"I am confident that the two teams will enjoy a good season and justify the confidence reposed in them," Igwe told

The Nigeria Premier League will start later in the year.