Sharks players threaten to boycott game against Wikki Tourists

The Port Harcourt side has sent a warning to the Rivers State Government that they will not play Wednesday's league tie if this season's sign on fees are not paid
The players of Sharks of Port Harcourt all stayed away from the club's Tuesday's training session and have vowed not to honour the Nigeria Premier League (NPL) Week 37 tie against Wikki Tourists if nothing is done about the payment of their sign on fees for the 2011/2012 season with two matches to the end of the season.

Sharks players in an anonymous interview with opined that they have endured enough and will be willing to play against Wikki only if a reasonable percentage of the monies owed is paid before the game.                      

"We didn't train today and will not play tomorrow if nothing is done about our sign on fees," one of the players said.

"We have not collected a dime this season and we are not going to take the end of the month plea proposed by the government.              

"We cannot continue to play with empty stomachs when our monies are stashed somewhere. We need our monies to take care of necessary things.

"We cannot understand why the Government cannot pay our sign-on fees and they want us to win a trophy this season. The league is just two games to the end and if we don't get this money now, when are we going to be paid," he asked.

"The football authorities are not doing anything about it. Now tell me how our league can improve with all these problems in the clubs," one of the players added.     
Sharks are eighth on the log with 52 points from 35 games while Wikki are three places lower with 51 points from 36 matches.