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Players of the Owerri side say they will not remain with the club next season after they have been owned several months of wages

Heartland players have vowed to dump the team at the end of this season. The boys of the Owerri side told on condition of anonymity  that they have witnessed untold hardship this season and would not want to go through the suffering again.

Heartland have not been able to pay the players their sign on fees and allowances have not come regularly.

"This is not what we bargained for when we signed for the club at the beginning of the season. We joined a team to take our career to the next level and also take home something that will help our families.

"We gave our best in all our matches but it is as if we have been taken for granted.

"How can we play and not know when and how our money will come? It is so bad that we are not even allowed to talk or ask for our money.

"Seriously speaking, we don't know where the problem is coming from. We don't know whether the Governor is not releasing money or the management is not disbrusing it very well.

"But we have made up our minds to make sure we don't remain with the team next season.

"People will always say our league is good, but the way these administrators make players feel as if we don't know what we are doing.

"We have decided to end the suffering by moving to another club from next season.

"The football authorities must do something about clubs owing their players. The players cannot fight these club administrators because they are powerful.

"Except we are paid what is owed us and then a guarantee that all will be well next season, Heartland will will not be able to atttract good players," said the players.

Heartland are placed 11th on the log with 49 points and have qualified for the semi finals of the Federation Cup which they won last year.